"I had the privilege of hearing several of [Max] Sparrow's presentations recently in the Asheville area. I can attest to [his] generosity, intelligence, and grace as a presenter. Very powerful, thoughtful, and well organized." -- Carolyn Ogburn

Maxfield Sparrow is happy to read from and discuss any of his published writing or anything written specifically for a particular venue or event. Additionally, he offers the following presentations:

  • Understanding Autistic Ways of Being: Have you ever wanted to learn about autism from someone on the autism spectrum? Are you curious how they might explain the behaviors, emotional experience, relationship dynamics, strengths and struggles common to those on the spectrum? This is your chance. Maxfield Sparrow begins by discussing aspects of autism from the perspective of his lived experience as well as the combined experiences of his many Autistic friends of all ages and a wide range of skills and support needs. The material addressed can be tailored to suit the needs of a variety of audiences such as parents, teachers, students, or other professionals. Potential topics can include, but are not limited to, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, meltdowns and shutdowns, peer relations, teaching strategies, communication, sensory differences, independent living, forging a meaningful life, and more. After speaking for a while on topics relevant to the particular audience, Max will initiate a generously extended question and answer period in order to ensure that the needs of the audience have been as thoroughly addressed as possible.

  • Living on the Autism Spectrum: An Insider's Perspective: Hear Maxfield Sparrow read selections from his writing, followed by a short Q&A Session. Readings vary from session to session and can be selected to address a variety of broad themes including but not limited to Autistic identity, vulnerability to predators and poverty, opening space for a child's potential through overcoming fear of autism, and more. Readings can range from politically-charged disability rights activist readings to emotional readings that humanize the struggles many people on the spectrum face, to inspirational and encouraging readings or a combination of these different themes. Depending on the questions that arise after the reading, topics discussed can include emotions, anxiety, overload, overwhelm, overstimulation, peer relationship dynamics, empathy, managing communication, sensory differences, independent living strategies, and more.

  • Understanding and Addressing the Unmet Needs of Adult Autistics: Maxfield Sparrow reads excerpts from his book, The ABCs of Autism Acceptance, addressing three major social issues that are problematic for a large percentage of Autistic adults today: violence and abuse, poverty, and access to healthcare. The readings include both statistics of the current conditions and an examination of causes and steps required to address these violations and injustices. After the reading, a Q&A session opens discussion about any number of topics related to these three problems or other issues audience members have identified as relevant.

  • Autism and Circadian Rhythms: While 30% to 40% of the general population experience serious sleep disruptions and disorders, an estimated 75% of the Autistic population struggle with chronic sleep issues, with a noted predisposition for circadian disruption. Standard treatments for circadian rhythm disruptions include bright lights and other sensory assaults that are extra difficult for Autistics to adhere to. Maxfield Sparrow discusses the biological mechanisms of sleep, using accessible layman's terms, so that Autistics and their families can understand enough about sleep and circadian rhythms to adapt the standard treatments for their own situation and sensory needs.

  • Standalone Q&A Session: This can take many different forms. A Q&A Session can be a brief consultation with a small group seeking an Autistic perspective on a project or community need. It can involve sitting as a member of a panel  -- either all spectrum members or a mixed panel -- addressing a variety of autism-focused topics. Maxfield particularly shines in Q&A and recommends it as a component of nearly any presentation. Sometimes a pure Q&A session with no preceding reading or presentation is exactly what a situation or event requires.