Reflections From a Different Journey

Reflections From a Different Journey: What Adults With Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew

March 12th, 2004, McGraw-Hill, eds. Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D and John Kemp. Foreword by Marlee Matlin. Available in hardcover and digital format.

"As Much Love As You Can Muster" by Lesley A. Jones, appears on pp.179-83 of this anthology

"Advice to parents about how to raise and guide their children with disabilities is rarely offered in such a compelling and insightful way as it is in Reflections from a Different Journey. Nobody says it any better than people with disabilities themselves when topics such as risk taking, social acceptance, envisioning a life of greater independence, and all the challenges confronting any parent arise. These essays will educate, inform, and entertain every parent who wants to know how to be the very best parent he or she can be." --Senator Robert Dole

Reflections from a Different Journey presents 40 stories by successful adults who grew up with disabilities. They provide insights into what it is like to persevere in the face of community prejudices, and what it takes for families and children with disabilities to work together toward fulfillment.

While there are many books for parents on raising a child with a disability, this is the first to help them learn from people with disabilities, and to help children face the unique challenges and rewards of growing up with a disability. Reflections from a Different Journey will also encourage and inspire older children and adults with disabilities, other family members, and education and health care professionals who serve these families.

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