The Real Experts

The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children

November 24th, 2015, Autonomous Press, ed. Michelle Sutton. Available in paperback and digital format.

"ABA-Applied Behavior Analysis" by Sparrow Rose Jones is included in this anthology.

"Full of practical advice ... a landmark book." - Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

"There is power here. Beauty that almost hurts. Pain that almost heals. Vulnerability so real it leaves you a little breathless. There is love, expanding beyond what the page can contain." - Erin Human, artist at Human Illustrations

"Included in the collection is Sparrow Rose Jones’ insightful and excellent essay about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). She reaches out to parents with the understanding that they wish to do the best for their children and offers some observations and guidelines to help navigate and select the best therapies for their children, while debunking the idea that “treating” autistic children should have an end result of making them indistinguishable from non-autistic children" - N. I. Nicholson's Editor-in-Chief of Barking Sycamores

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