The ABCs of Autism Acceptance

The ABCs of Autism Acceptance

August 30th, 2016, Autonomous Press. Available in paperback and digital format.

"Sparrow's first book of essays was a grounding experience for me. In many ways, they could have been a sister or a spiritual mother to me, because so many of the experiences of terror, exclusion, confusion, and eventual growth in that book strongly mirrored my own journey to self-acceptance. In this book, Sparrow continues to resonate, this time by calling attention to the pertinent topics affecting Autistic adults and children in the present. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to understand not only needs and viewpoints of Autistic writers, but also the networks of communities they form. It is an invaluable resource to researchers seeking to understand how these ideas are cultivated and proliferated, and also to those looking to join this community and contribute to it in meaningful ways, because Sparrow does not settle for merely documenting-they cite their sources and back up their review of these topics with an attention to detail that fits scholarly publications, but a vocabulary and presence that are both friendly and accessible"

- Michael Scott Monje, Jr., author of Defiant (a Lambda Literary finalist), Nothing is Right, and Imaginary Friends

In The ABCs of Autism Acceptance, Sparrow takes us through a guided tour of the topics most central to changing the way that autism is perceived, to remove systemic barriers to access that have traditionally been barriers to Autistic participation in some sectors of society. They also take us through the basics of Autistic culture, discussing many of its major features and recent developments with a sense of history and making the current state of the conversation around this form of neurodivergence clear to those who are new to it, whether they are Autistic themselves or a friend/family member looking for resources to help themselves support the Autistic people in their lives more fully.

While it is impossible to capture the full scope and diversity of Autistic communities—and there are many of them out there—this book does serve as an important conversation starter, a primer, and a humble guide to the world. In these 26 short essays, you will find most of the topics most often blogged about by Actually Autistic authors, including footnotes, resources, and references to other writers whose works continue the conversations that start here.

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